Re: [IGS] Edwards'& Willingdon

Joan Steele wrote:
> Mimy .... thought you might like this list of 'Edwards' Cv's.  These are
> only her lastest,  if you want some of the older ones,  I'll round them
> up!
Yes please!

> Re Willingdon Gem.. interesting that it could be Aurore Nouvelle. I
> can't find any reference to the latter in our catalogues, but did fing
> it in Fibrex Nurseries cat. (Apricot orange flowers with a white eye).
> I would describe W.G. as almost luminous mandarin orange with large
> white eye ... could be the same as you say though.
Not me said it - Clifford said so in his book.

> By the way another result from W.Gem X W. Beauty is Elizabeth Angus.
> Dont know the hybridiser ...  maybe  Ayton?
Here is my listing:
Elizabeth Angus, salmon orange, large white eye, Zonal, single, normal
size, UK Anthony C Ayton 1955
So your guess was right.

> re Barbara Hope, the checklist has four listed including the one you
> mentioned.
I have only:
Barbara Hope, carmine pink, large white eye, Zonal, single, normal size,
UK Pearson and Sons 1889
Who are the others?

> Do you know where the Willingdon prefix comes from?
No - estimated guess - a nursery in the 50ties in UK that bred perhaps a
few CVS and also re-named existing old varieties when selling them.
My list of this "prefix":
Willingdon Beauty  = Barbara Hope
Willingdon Gem  = Nouvelle Aurore
Willingdon Pearl white, zonal, single, normal size

> All for now
OK - for me too!
Bye - Mimy

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