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From: mervin pirela <mervin@INCOM.NET>

>Greetings to all of you,
>right now, I am working in the regeneration of in vitro plantlets of a
>pelargonium hybrid
>from protoplast fusion. I have been doing some search hunt for references
>in some
>databases. However, I haven't been able to search the CAB Horticultural
>Abstracts and
>the CAB Ornamental Abstracts. I would really appreciate if anyone could
>provide me
>with one or two references on regeneration of pelargonium from cell culture
>to form
>callus and eventually in vitro plantlets.

Hello Mervin,

I'm a species Pelargonium fan and have recently set up a tissue culture room.
I'd be very appreciative if you might have the time to share some the
results/media formulation of your Pelargonium studies.

Keep Growing
Pete Liekkio
Seattle Washington

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