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Date: Thursday, May 14, 1998 10:56 PM
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>My cats far outnumber my rosebuds, I'm afraid.  But, I'm thinking about
>more rosebuds to the collection.  What ones would you recommend?


My rosebud collection isn't large and lacks many of the more unusual types.
Here are my favorites:

Appleblossom -- A longtime favorite of growers, a hybrid with pink and white
petals into umbels imitating a cluster of rosebuds. It can be trained into a
standard (I've done it).

Black Pearl -- Very dark crimson double blooms that sort of resemble rambler
rosebuds. The color is so dark that they seem almost black.

Scarlet -- Bright crimson-red flowers. Heavy bloomer. Blooms are very small
and tight.

Pink -- Similar to Scarlet. If you like bouquets of sweetheart roses, you'll
love Pink Rosebud. It, too, is a heavy bloomer with masses of fully double
pink blossoms with a frosty tinge.

Rococo -- Not a true rosebud but one of my favorites. It's an ivy-zonal
cross with fully double, light pink rosebud flowers. This strong grower is
larger than the others; it stands out in a large tub or pot at maturity.

These geraniums are in containers on our deck, from where we view perennial
beds of hosta, daylilies and many others, especially those that attract
hummingbirds and butterflies.

I take cuttings in, growing new plants under lights for the next season. I
keep most the older, pruned plants, too. In fact, my Scarlets have been a
part of the family for several years, constantly producing new cutting
material. Their branches are becoming somewhat gnarled and could probably be
trained into a bonsai. I may try this.

I was going to send a list of other rosebuds, but Miny beat me to it. Her
list has some excellent choices to consider.


John Adney
Marion, Iowa (zones 4-5)

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