[IGS] Barbara Hope

Mimy ....  here are the Barbara Hopes from the 'Checklist & Register of
Pelargonium Cultivar Names'  I've typed them as they are in the book.
tried to scan them but print was too small to do it well.

Barbara Hope. Z
Listed Cannell, UK 1890;  1910.   Searl; Anderson, Aust 1904.  Single
pale salmon pink, white, shading to almost pure white on margins. Large
flower, perfect shape.   Growth dwarf
Barbara Hope.  Z
Int.  Pearson UK 1899  (as Phyllis 1898.)  Ref Krauss, USA 1955;
Clifford UK 1958.   Single Carmine  HCC 21/3   veined & shot  Carmine
21/2.  medium truss ,   medium flowers. Free flowering, growth medium.
Similar to ‘Phyllis’,  ‘Duchess of Portland’  and others
Barbara Hope.  Z
   Int prior 1901.  Ref. SCGG  USA  1956-7.  Cooks USA 1958-59.  Single
salmon rose,  small white eye.   Almost identical with ‘Honeymoon’, but
a little darker. Growth short jointed, free flowering.
Barbara Hope.  Z
  Listed  Green Fingers, Aust 1956.  Ref AGL*vol 34 1958.  Single salmon
cup or chalice shaped blooms.  Leaves zoned.  Growth vigorous upright.
French or Bruant type.   Has become known as ‘Australian Barbara Hope’.
Could well be ‘Mrs E.G. Hill’

* Australian Garden Lover

 Joan    W. Australia

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