Re: [IGS] FYI RHS note on cultivar names for geraniums

> From: Marge Talt <mtalt@CLARK.NET>
> Subject: FYI RHS note on cultivar names for geraniums
> Date: Sunday, May 17, 1998 7:12 PM
> Those of you who belong to RHS and get 'The Garden' probably saw this,
> for those of you who haven't, the latest issue has a little blurb I'm
> to copy - without specific permission - as I thought some may be
> interested:
> "The Geraniaceae Group of The British Pelargonium and Geranium Society
> year appointed David Victor as Registrar for cultivar names in the genus
> Geranium. A preliminary checklist of 600 names has been published by the
> group (a full register is planned from 1999).  Cost 4 (pounds sterling)
> (inc. p&p) [note may be more for non UK?] to non members, from Richard
> Clifton, 7 Crabble Road, Dover, Kent CT170QD."

And so the confusion continues.   I'm glad to see that some agree.  The
checklist above relates of course to the fair dinkum Geraniums. There is
also an Erodium Cultivar list. The list that others have been writing about
[e.g Joan S.] is the list of Pelargonium cultivars/Zonals and Regals or for
our American friends Martha Washingtons.  I think that list extends beyond
12000 names.  I have started to load the names of the 1500 odd Zonals that
I know about onto my web page. It will probably take me about a week.
Regals later.
Geraniaceae is all around the World

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