Re: [IGS] Zonal vs Pels

> From: Diana L. Politika <diana@OLYMPUS.NET>
> Subject: Zonal vs Pels
> Date: Sunday, May 17, 1998 11:18 PM
> I had a woman come into the nursery yesterday who perused my geraniums
> and complained loudly and bitterly about how I don't have geraniums.
> All she can find at any nurery is 'those d*** scrawny ZONALS with the
> little bitty flower heads and ugly little leaves.  I used to buy REAL
> geraniums all the time, and now you can't find them."
> She said they had flower heads several times larger than what is
> currently grown.  And when I explained the use of growth regulators and
> WHY growth regulators are used (to chemically cause breaks and so that
> the growers can fit many times more plants onto the same bench space)
> she became quite indignant and informed me that if I lived as long as
> her, I might know a thing or two, but not to try to tell her about
> geraniums, as she knows what she's talking about.
> OK.  So call me stoopid and ill-informed.
> So, lest I die before being as worldly as she, here be I to seek
> knowledge.  Just what DO we stock, if it isn't geraniums?  Her emphasis
> was on the difference between ZONALS and geraniums.  Is there a
> difference?

To some of us there sure is.  They are worlds apart.  Zonals are not
Geraniums they are Pelargoniums. They both belong to the family Geraniaceae
and they both produce their seed on a beak but there is not much else
visibly common about them.  Maybe the Geraniaceae Family section of my web
page might help.
By the way scented leaf, ivy leaf and coloured leaf Geraniums are all also
Geraniaceae is all around the World

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