[IGS] HELP with seeds from SA needed

Hi all,
My seeds from Stellenbosch and Pretoria arrived and I have some
questions here since I am by far no expert on this subject (have Diana
Miller's book though).
1) what is the best medium to germinate them in
2) what about the wished temperature
3) how long will it take to germinate?
4) do they need to be softened by water first?
And all other helpful tips you can share please for the different seeds
I have a little green house available and the weather is very warm now
over here (hurrah!).

I have the following seeds (details are as on the packets):
Pelargonium species from Kenya (can this be P. quinquelobatum - any
other clues?)
Pelargonium crassicaule from Namibia - white and pink flowers
Pelargonium crassicaule, form from South Namibia
Pelargonium crithmifolium - red marks on pinkish-white flowers
Pelargonium ??? from a plant collected by "Dave" in SA 23/04/90 (any
clues here to who this South African Dave is and what he collected
Pelargonium fulgidum - form with red flowers and grey leaf
Pelargonium klinghardtense, greyish blue thick fat stemmed form
(remember from a Dutch owner of this plant  that this was the one that
could "bleed")
Sarcocaulon - three different kinds, sadly unnamed (so if they germinate
I will again for sure ask you all for help!!!) - they are from my SA
friend's mothers garden and originally the plants there were collected
in the wild in Namibia (the "Boesmankers" I asked about some time ago)

And then - some other South African seeds:
- a "composite" with the Southafrican name of "Gansoogie" (translated
"[little] Goose-eye")
- a perennial named "Vygis"
- Podylaria canescens ["Keurtjie" in SA], which should become a shrub
with pink flowers, silvery foliage, good subject for planting in a
"fynbos" garden.

Futher more - I have some seeds I collected myself collected last summer
Sarcocaulon vanderietieae (from a plant from the Amsterdam Botanical
garden I have and that flowered abundantly last year with lovely white
tissue paper like symmetrical flowers)
P. reniforme
P. abrotanifolium
that I still have to grow so also there tips are very welcome.

I do hope for some help from experts here (I know you are out there)!!!!
There are only 1 to 3 seeds in each package from SA, so I feel very
anxious to do something wrong!
Thanx so much in advance (and if all goes well, you can of course in due
time come over, visit, have a cup of coffee and get a cutting or some
seed too!)
Mimy Sluiter

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