Re: [IGS] HELP with seeds from SA needed

Hi Mimi,

I sow my species Pelargonium seeds in a sterile compost which is very
draining. If that sounds daunting...ordinary sowing soil with some 30-50%
sand added to improve drainage will do. Pels need cooler temps to
germinate..not above +20C....which is a general rule.

P crassicaule...I would sow it in Autumn...early Winter...depending on
temps..since mosr Wintergrowing Pels are nearing their dormant period...if
they haven't entered already...depending on where you live! Little is a succulent P from a very arid and hostile mountantaneous

P crithmifolium...this I would sow in Autumn too....another succulent P
from an arid area. Have failed with this one myself...and I have never
tried P crassicaule from is not often offered I suppose!

Both are beautiful ..... and desirable.

P fulgidum is not a species I am familiar with...but it occurs along the
Western coast of is not succulent as the two previous ones.

P klinghartense...I am not sure if it is a Summer or Winter grower..but it
is not easy from seed unless compost s well draining...another arid
species. Very desirable too :-)

I would cut off the parachute off the seed before sowing....this parachute
helps the seed corkscrew itself harder into the ground in the Wild...not to
be dislodged by strong winds...and keep moist until germination, then I
would make sure that I had good most of the species and
especially the Sarcocaulons are prone to fungal attacks. This is one of the
dangers with Autumn sowing.....better with late Winter.
Since you don't know which Sarcocaulons you have...most are Wintergrowers

P renifirme germinated readily for me in Winter and has so far proved to be
less than difficult :-) and the Sarco you mention...should also germinate
at this time of the year.

Germination time...a wekk to several months..some will germinate in their
own good time :-) but most are done within two three weeks....and I don't
soften them by water.....not at all.

And I'd love to visit..unfortunately it is a bit hte best I can do
is to of luck...

Ingrid in Sweden ( whose Pelargonium auritum ssp auritum is
flowering...despite the fact that the whole plant looks asleep!)

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