Re: [IGS] Zonal vs Pels

> I had a woman come into the nursery yesterday who perused my geraniums
> and complained loudly and bitterly about how I don't have geraniums.
> All she can find at any nurery is 'those d*** scrawny ZONALS with the
> little bitty flower heads and ugly little leaves.  I used to buy REAL
>geraniums all the time, and now you can't find them."

Diana --

I'm always amazed when I get a catalogue like Davidson-Wilson's and I see
how many different strains and varieties of "geraniums" there are.  Of
course, we forget that there was a time not so long ago when perennials had
fallen out of favor among the common populace.  Sounds like you'd have a
time of it convincing that "nice" lady that her mother's cranesbills were
really geraniums.

Either way, I praise you your patience!! :-)  I think, given her kind,
gentle demeanor, that my response would have been, "That's right, ma'am, we
don't have anything you want.  There is absolutely no reason why you should
ever return to this establishment."

Some "customers" just aren't worth the effort, especially the ones who make
it clear from the start that they're not going to buy anything! {:-O

Dean Sliger
Ferndale, MI

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