Re: [IGS] Zonal vs Pels

The discussion about those large Zonals that the customer in Washington
State referred to might be cleared up if we go back, as I did, to the
history of Zonals.

First the context:
> >I had a woman come into the nursery yesterday who perused my geraniums
> > and complained loudly and bitterly about how I don't have geraniums.
> > All she can find at any nurery is 'those d*** scrawny ZONALS with the
> > little bitty flower heads and ugly little leaves.  I used to buy REAL
> > geraniums all the time, and now you can't find them."
> > She said they had flower heads several times larger than what is
> > currently grown.

Hybrids with the blood of both P. zonale and P. inquinans they were
described at the turn of the century as being the Standard (or English)
type or the French type. The Standards had thinner stems and flowers were
usually single. The French had thicker sytems and the flower heads were
larger - 5 inches in diameter and included varieties like 'Alphonse Ricard'
and the famous 'Paul Crampel'.

It may be that the customer was referring to these older French type of
zonals rather than to the smaller headed zonal that is more commonly sold
today. In any event, they were really pelargoniums, even if they were
commonly termed 'geraniums'.

San Diego, California

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