Re: [IGS] HELP with seeds from SA needed

>Thanx a lot for the tips Ingrid!
>Think I will mix sand plus earth and give it a try.
>Any suggestions for the kind of sand to use?
>Keep your fingers crossed for me.
>And you are welcome for a cup of coffee when over in Holland (I have
>been in Sweden five times...)
>ps - am still hoping for more tips (think more can benefit), especially
>to my questions re. the other seeds. Hope to hear from you all.

Hi Mimy,

You are in my neighbourhood then! ;-) Relatively speaking :-)) great!
Holland is on my grow everything!

Sand..I like to use 1-2 mm quartz sand if available. I buy mine in pet
stores ( zoo stores in Swedish!) ... the grains should be as even
possilbe...beach sand will tend to retain water intead of drain it. Of can use leca...or pumice if you have  :-) I tend to stay away
from builders' sand as it can work both ways. Crushed bricks/old pots are
another fav of mine to add to the seed mix. Vermiculite small
portions as too much vermiculite tends to stay very soggy instead. Great
for sowing 'other' seeds...but only that.
It is important that the mix is porous and draining...and light, as heavy
mixes will not promote root growth.

Your seedlings to be are very likely going to take their own sweet time
before growing into adults....but that's one of the charms with

All the best, keep us posted, and keep up the good work

Ingrid ( Goteborg)

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