[IGS] Have you got an idea?

Dear pelly addicts,

I have a few questions for you, I hope someone has some answers for me, I'd
be very grateful!

1. I have a pelargonium odoratissimum that looks a bit tatty. Normally you
can prune pelargoniums back, but this plant of course doesn't have stems
that you could cut back, so do I just cut off the tired-looking leaves?

2. Yesterday I bought a plant called 'Queen of Lemons/Citrosa'. According to
the books 'Queen of Lemons' has leaves that are 3-4cm across, shallowly
3lobed and crisped with very fine sharp teeth plus a citrus scent. My plant
has the nice citrus scent, but the leaves are 5-6cm, deeply lobed, no crispy
edges and more like those of a Unique. It doesn't flower yet, but it is very
bushy and about 20 cm tall. I feel that it might be called 'Citrosa' as a
sort of fantasy name, but that it is not 'Queen of Lemons'. Any ideas?

3. Reading about pellies and looking at pictures of them is for me almost as
nice as the real thing. That's why I am always looking for nice catalogues
and books. I am mainly into zonals, fancyleaved zonals, stellars and uniques
and I was wondering if anyone knew where to get more books about this
subject, that is here in Holland or in the centre of London (as I shall be
in London in a few weeks and would have time to nip into a bookshop,
provided it's not on the edge of town). You probably have the same
experience that I have: there are lots of books about fuchsias (which,
granted, are nice too when they are in flower), but why is there so little
information about pelargoniums?

I do hope someone will get back to me about these issues. I thank you in

Jip Bieraugel
Alkmaar, Holland

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