Re: [IGS] New Erodiums

Garden Nut wrote:

> I just made a plant searching trip through part of SE Michigan.
> While out looking, I purchased:  Erodium variabile 'Bishop's
> Form' (Pink Heronsbill) and Erodium petraeum glandulosum
> (Fragrant Storksbill).  They were sold as being hardy in Michigan
> (Zone 5).  Does anyone have information on these particular
> plants.  Are they really hardy or should I plan on babying them
> inside during winter?

Diana --

May I ask where you bought them?  I know, or know of, most of the
"reliable" nurseries in the area -- in other words, the ones who
actually grow what they sell.

The RHS Index lists Erodium x variable 'Bishop's Form' as hardy to
Zone 7; E. glandulosum as hardy to Zone 6.  I suspect, though, that
with Erodiums hardiness would be determined more by good drainage
than actual temperatures.  As you know, the USDA Zones only take
average temperatures into account.  Here in southeast Michigan most
"Alpines" and many other plants are lost to the winter moisture
rather than the cold itself.

Dean Sliger
Ferndale, MI
Zone 6B

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