Re: [IGS] New Erodiums

> From: Garden Nut <gardenofeden@MCI2000.COM>
> Subject: New Erodiums
> Date: Thursday, May 21, 1998 4:10 AM
> Hi:
> I just made a plant searching trip through part of SE Michigan.
> While out looking, I purchased:  Erodium variabile 'Bishop's
> Form' (Pink Heronsbill) and Erodium petraeum glandulosum
> (Fragrant Storksbill).  They were sold as being hardy in Michigan
> (Zone 5).  Does anyone have information on these particular
> plants.  Are they really hardy or should I plan on babying them
> inside during winter?

G'day Diana,

E.variabile is a hybrid of probably E.reichardii and E.corsicum.  Said to
be at risk in hard winters in the UK, not a problem here in Melbourne,Aus.
I have found E.petraeum a bit touchy so if I were you I would figure on
babying them both at least through your first winter.  Next year you should
have had the opportunity to raise a couple of back up plants and so  then
into the garden they go
Geraniaceae is all around the World

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