Re: [IGS] HELP with seeds from SA needed

> From: Mimy Sluiter <manx1@WXS.NL>
> Subject: Re: HELP with seeds from SA needed
> Date: Tuesday, May 19, 1998 5:23 PM
> Thanx a lot for the tips Ingrid!
> Think I will mix sand plus earth and give it a try.
> Any suggestions for the kind of sand to use?
> ps - am still hoping for more tips (think more can benefit), especially
> to my questions re. the other seeds. Hope to hear from you all.

G'day Mimy,

I am not necessarily recommending that you try my method but thought I
might mention it for consideration perhaps to try when a bit more seed is
Firstly I remove all the outer seed covering, that is the mericarp and awn.
This can sometimes be a bit hard on the fingers as they often have a rather
sharp tip. which has a tendancy to stick into your fingers.  Having removed
the outer protection I soak the seeds for up to 4 days starting with a near
boiling temperature water
in a small bottle.  At the end of that time, I place the usually swollen
seeds on a piece of paper towel placed in a convenient container and then
cover the seeds with another piece of towel.  I use bean -seed raising
trays.If the trays are placed on a slope, the roots grow uniformerly
downwards. I usually don't worry about it.
Sometimes I find the seed has already germinated in the water.  After the
seed has germinated and a root has grown to about 12-15mm and the
cotyledonds have opened, I prick the tiny seedlings out into a small tube
containing a standard seed raising mix.
If the seed has a particularly hard coat or is reluctant to germinate, I
really give it a shock by scarifying it.  These days my eyesight is not
quite so good and the hands are a bit shakier so I have been known to
behead the odd seed which does them no good at all.
The advantage of all this is that you pretty quickly find out whether they
are going to germinate or not. Usually within 1-2 weeks those that are
going to germinate have.
After 3 weeks I make an assessment of the remaining seeds.  Some may have
rotted and are sent to the bin, Others may look potentially still viable
and if I haven't tried previously I scarify them and if they are
particularly wanted, speak harshly to them.
This all works for me but whether I achieve better results than Ingrid's is
undetermined and it is a lot more work.  This past season I attempted 26
erodiums with 25 germinating, 33 Pelargoniums for 29 but the Geraniums
(hardy) only 40 from
62 which was a bit dissapointing.
Geraniaceae is all around the World

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