[IGS] Which Geranium is this?

Hi all,
Last year I got a Geranium from a "swap session" at my office between
colleagues. This year it started to grow (large bush! - 60 cm and very
round and massive for 1 plant) and flower so now I hope to find out what
it is. The original plants have grown for ages at my colleague's
mother's home - an old mansion type house in Haarlem with a wood like
environment under very old trees (English style large garden) so they
are no recent cultivar or variation.
>From comparing and looking in books I know it is most likely a Geranium
phaeum but the flower is very peculiar - it is deepreddishpurple, almost
black and has a clear white hart. When the flower is totally open the
petals are directed backwards. it is not the Geranium phaeum "Lily
Lovell" since I have this one and allthough leaf and flower are similar,
Lily Lovell misses the red tingue in the purple and does not go towards
the black side of the spectrum either and has a much more indistinct and
smaller white heart.
Hopefully any one out there can help!
And - yes like Jip I am curious in what climate area we are over here -
it is called "moderate seaclimate" - rainy, though sunny summers with
average temp 20 degree celcius, medium winter with some frost periods
but not very cold - -5 below zero celcius average.
Bye for now - hope Dale will resend his help with the Pelargonium seeds
soon. I want to start trying his and Ingrid's methods (have the birds
sand Ingrid!!!!) and then will report back of course.
My succulent Pellies are getting nice leafs again and enjoy the new
green house - hope for some flowers this year!
Bye - Mimy Sluiter

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