Re: [IGS] Cimate-zones

Marisa Amadio wrote:
> there is a map of 'supposed' climatic zones for Europe at:
> <>. To judge
> by this, Amsterdam and Alessandria (Italy) are in zone 8

Thanx Marisa - wished from a Pelargonium viewpoint we had Italies soft
winters though - I only dare to leave my two Fuchsia magellanica forms
outside when fully covered (and unless there is a soft winter they die
until the ground) and I did not dare to leave the one Pelargonium
species considered to be hardy here [P. endlicherianum (Fenzl 1842)]
outside yet...

Thanx too to Alby and Dale for sending resp. re-sending of the way to
germinate my seeds from SA. Still hope that some people can fill in the
missing details I asked:
1) I have a envelope with on it only: "Pelargonium species from Kenya".
The only Kenyan species I could find is P. quinquelobatum - any clues to
others possible or is it just a yet unnamed variety (that I will
hopefully discover when the seeds do germinate...)
2) Another envelope reads: "Pelargonium ??? from a plant collected by
"Dave" in SA 23/04/90" - any clues here to who this South African Dave
is and what he collected where?
3) And then - some other South African seeds I received:
- a "composite" with the Southafrican name of "Gansoogie" (translated
"[little] Goose-eye")
- a perennial named "Vygis"
- Podylaria canescens ["Keurtjie" in SA], which should become "a shrub
with pink flowers, silvery foliage, good subject for planting in a
"fynbos" garden."
Sorry for keeping you all busy - but the help received is much
appreciated - I love this friendly list!
Now we have yet to find a way how to send seeds by e-mail-attachment!
Mimy Sluiter
The Netherlands
climate zone 8

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