Re: [IGS] HELP with seeds from SA needed

Hi Alby,

Good method!!!! I shall give it a try :-) it is just that my hands tend to
shake a bit when I am supposed to be careful ;-) not to do with anything

Today a Pelargonium tongaense germinated in a pot..batch sown last
don't give up hope! P tongaense has turned out to be such erratic
germinators for me! But I think of it as a pleasant surprise....

Pete? How do you do it? It would be nice to hear your opinion..that is
unless you are smothered with flowers and Aquilegias??

Ingrid ;-)))))

PS..Mimy..I recommend you drop Rachel Saunders at Silverhill an e-mail. Sh
might be qable to put you in touch with 'somebody'...who might help!

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