Re: [IGS] Cimate-zones

> From: Mimy Sluiter <manx1@WXS.NL>
> Subject: Re: Cimate-zones
> Date: Friday, May 22, 1998 6:34 PM
> Thanx too to Alby and Dale for sending resp. re-sending of the way to
> germinate my seeds from SA. Still hope that some people can fill in the
> missing details I asked:
> 1) I have a envelope with on it only: "Pelargonium species from Kenya".
> The only Kenyan species I could find is P. quinquelobatum - any clues to
> others possible or is it just a yet unnamed variety (that I will
> hopefully discover when the seeds do germinate...)

Mimy, I am sorry to say that you will have to wait until you germinate and
grow your
unidentified seed.
Other  Pelargoniums that could be found in Kenya are;
grossularioides ( as an introduced species apparantly now naturalized)
luridum in damp grassland
and tenuicaule

Geraniaceae is all around the World

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