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From: Ingrid <alfmike@ALGONET.SE>

>Hi Alby,
>Good method!!!! I shall give it a try :-) it is just that my hands tend to
>shake a bit when I am supposed to be careful ;-) not to do with anything
>Today a Pelargonium tongaense germinated in a pot..batch sown last
>don't give up hope! P tongaense has turned out to be such erratic
>germinators for me! But I think of it as a pleasant surprise....
>Pete? How do you do it? It would be nice to hear your opinion..that is
>unless you are smothered with flowers and Aquilegias??

Hi Ingrid, Alby and all,

So far this year my Pelly seed germination is zero.  Been too busy to to seed
any:-)  Most are winter growers so I'll be seeding this fall.   For seed that I
have a lot of I shove the seed in using the the tail and then use scissors to
cut off the tails to keep them from entangling and pulling each other out when
they sprial. For species that I have only a few seed of I use a method similar
to Albys.  Soak for a day or two in distilled water.  Many germinate at this
point and they go directly into moist potting mix.  The ungerminated ones go on
to a distilled water dampened paper towel and into a plastic baggie.  Then I
watch for germination and remove and pot up.

And yes Ingrid I have a plethora of Aquilegias that need to be put in the
rockery.  Thanks again.

Keep Growing
Pete Liekkio
Seattle Washington

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