Re: [IGS] Where in Naarden is it?

Jip Bieraugel wrote:
> Dear Mimy,
> I can remember going to Mathijsen in Elst once and seeing a yellow pelly,
> but there were no cuttings. Where in Naarden is your nursery, because it is
> always nice to find a nursery that actually sells named varieties (yellow or
> otherwise).
> As you know, I don't live very central and all the nice pelly nurseries are
> always a daytrip away. Naarden is reasonably local for me, so I would be
> very happy to get the address. I know how to get to the De Wilde Rose
> Nurseries, is it near there anywhere?
> Hope to hear from you!
> Yours,
> Jip
> Alkmaar Holland

Yeah - De Wilde is wonderful for roses (though expensive!) We have
bought some last year and some this year (old "rambling" scented
varieties) and then were broke :-o but they are worth their money!
The garden center (cannot think of the name right now) where I picked up
the pellis is no nursery but nice any way (lots of plants). It is
located on the Huizerstraatweg. When exiting the highway A1 at Bussum,
drive on in the direction of Naarden on the Amersfoortsestraatweg. Then
turn right just before you enter the medieval fortress city of
Naarden-Vesting (worth a visit too BTW - it beats Williamsburg to name a
USA "equivalent" I visited by far - as the people REALLY still live&work
there!) and you are on the Huizerstraatweg. On the left you see meadows,
on the right you see houses from the 20ties-30ties. Then you see a sign
directing to a fruit tree nursery (when you are in for that, they are
nice to visit too - I bought my walnut tree cv with them!) - just behind
that on the same left side there is the small garden center. The named
Pellies are in the covered area (set up tent). The are labeled, but only
one big sign so either you bring your own labels or buy labels there and
write the name down of the varieties you select. Currently they are
wellstocked but they have a name locally, so sell out fairly soon. When
I was there yesterday they had 4 different Angels, 3 Regals, many Zonals
(amongst which some new "Merit" Dutch bred ones, some German PELFI's and
PAC's, various fancy leaved (old UK), some dwarfs etc.), seven scenteds,
some scented species, many Peltatums - amongst which 3 fancy leafed, the
Crocodile and others, double peltatums (Mme Crousse) and many more. On
that road BTW are later on also more garden centers on left and right
with various stocks. The one on the right after you have driven under
the brige from the highway (so further onwards following the road) has
some very nice natural raised herbs and old fashioned plants for the
garden. Enjoy your day in the lovely "Gooi" area!
Mimy Sluiter (back to the garden repotting my plants now)

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