Re: [IGS] Sarcs

Hi Mimy,

I'm delighted to hear that Sarcs grow well for you in Holland. Letting them
go dormant in the dark winter days sounds very reasonable and I quite agree
with the use of that fast draining mix. They hate being overwatered.
Here I am faced with a different problem. Being outdoors they want to grow
in winter when it rains, as they do in their homeland. That leaves open the
question of what to do in summer. I could let them go dormant or perhaps
like many succulents and species pelargoniums they can be kept growing. Do
you know which is better? Is their life shortened by not allowing a rest
On the propagation side I have not heard of anyone doing it vegetatively.
Being more woody than pelargoniums I think cuttings would be more
difficult. However, with bottom heat it is certainly worth a try and would
save time compared to seed.

San Diego, California

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