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From: Andrew Wilson <awilson@FDA.NET>
>I'm delighted to hear that Sarcs grow well for you in Holland. Letting them
>go dormant in the dark winter days sounds very reasonable and I quite agree
>with the use of that fast draining mix. They hate being overwatered.
>Here I am faced with a different problem. Being outdoors they want to grow
>in winter when it rains, as they do in their homeland. That leaves open the
>question of what to do in summer. I could let them go dormant or perhaps
>like many succulents and species pelargoniums they can be kept growing. Do
>you know which is better? Is their life shortened by not allowing a rest

I tend to water year round though less in summer.  On cacti-etc a few Sarc
growers have suggested that it is better to grow them year round since it is
sometimes difficult to get them started again after dormancy.

>On the propagation side I have not heard of anyone doing it vegetatively.
>Being more woody than pelargoniums I think cuttings would be more
>difficult. However, with bottom heat it is certainly worth a try and would
>save time compared to seed.

S. vanderiettiae will root from cuttings.  I have a cutting of S. pattersonii
that after one year that appears to still show promise.

Keep Growing
Pete Liekkio
Seattle Washington

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