[IGS] Which Unique is this?

Dear pelly friends,

Today I visited a general nursery and there they had a small collection of
what they called 'scented geraniums', all of them unnamed, which is
infuriating! There was one that I liked very much and I could not resist
buying it. No one could tell me, however, which one it is. I'll give you a

In my opinion it is a unique: it has quite smooth stiff foliage, dark green
and shaped like that of 'Brunswick' or 'Paton's Unique', which means that it
is more or less three or five lobed and with sharp 'teeth' to the edges. The
leaf smells, in my opinion, sharp and unpleasant.

The flowers are smallish (about one inch), single, in trusses, and they are
medium pink with a dark red round blotch on each of the five petals.

I thought it could be 'Crimson Unique', but it is not really crimson, more
of a shocking or candy pink.

Any ideas? I look forward to your suggestions!

Alkmaar, Holland

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