[IGS] Queen of Sheba again

Hi all - repeat my question below here since perhaps because of my long
list preceding it in my previous mail it was not noticed by all:
<< Now I have a question - I bought an Unique too and I DO have a name,
but as you can see from my listing above IT IS NOT IN MY FILES - So
please could any one enlighten me on origin, raiser, country etc? It is
a upright plant with P.crispum influence (medium incised leaves) with a
strong sweetfruity scent. The flowers are large so it not a common
"scented" in my opinion, more a Unique type. The flowers are delicate
lilac with darker veining/spotting on upper petals. The label reads:
"Queen of Sheba"
I love both looks, flowers and wonderful scent so look forward to making
Any clues out there (Alby? others?)
Mimy Sluiter

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