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> From: Mimy Sluiter <manx1@WXS.NL>
> Subject: Re: Sarcs
> Date: Thursday, May 28, 1998 7:52 PM
> Peter J. Liekkio wrote:
> > S. vanderietiae will root from cuttings. I have a cutting of
> > S. patersonii that after one year that appears to still show promise.
> Thanx - should I let the cutting "dry in" a couple of days or
> immediately put it up in a mixture of 50% sand and 50% soil (or what
> else you might suggest)?

Charles Craib the Sth. African expert on Sarcocaulon recommends as follows;
S.camdeboense...Cuttings OK..Allow to dry for 2 weeks before planting.
Plant out in pure silt.  Roots form in 2 months
S.ciliatum...can be grown from cuttings but seem reluctant to produce side
branches.  Take cuttings in the autumn, allow to dry out about a month.
Strike in coarse moist sand.
S.crassicaule....Take cuttings 3 months before the onset of the growing
season.  Dry out completely before striking in coarse moist sand.  Cuttings
are rarely very satisfactory for this species often failing to produce much
in the way of solid root structure or branch developement.
S.flavescens....Cuttings from this species is rarely successful taking up
to 3 years and usually rot long before..
S.herrei...Again possible but not recommended.  Can take a few years.
Usual method of drying off and then into coarse sand.
S.inerme...Success rate very very low..   If you try, take large cuttings
of at least 4cm and allow to dry for about 5 months.  Strike in barely
moist fine gravel in a clay pot.  Takes between 6 months and 3 years to
produce roots.  Very prone to rot from damp or humid conditions.
S. L'heritieri....Waste of time and plant material.
S.marlothii....Take cuttings from lateral branches whilst plants
dormant.Leave to dry about a month.Strike in barely moist coarse gravel.
Cutting grown plants tend to die after only a very few years and rarely
develope more than a few branches.
S.mossamedense....Rarely strike due to the woody nature of the stems.
S.multifidum...Don't bother.
S.pattersonii....Generally not possible to grow from cuttings
S.paniculinum....Leave cuttings to dry out for at least 3 months.   Root in
barely moist soil.  Some cuttings remain alive although never forming
roots. others root within about 2 years.
S.salmoniflorum...Root dried cuttings in damp fine grit or coarse sand.
Only take from 4 months to a year to form roots.
S.vanderietiae......Cuttings root READILY in moist sand or silt.  Allow to
dry out for a few days before planting.   Cuttings again tend to not branch
and raising from seed is the best option.
Geraniaceae is all around the World

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