Re: [IGS] Article for GATW


I think we're still in time to get an article together for the next issue.  If
not, we'll have it ready early for the fall issue!  Next weekend is the IGS
annual meeting, and I'd like to turn it over to Michael at that time, if at
all possible.

As for what to put in the article ... how about if we start it out by saying
how many people are on the Robin now, and if we have had any "new" countries
or states sign on?  Do you have access to that information as the official

How to get onto the Robin has been printed in the last several issues of GATW,
do you think it should be included yet again?

Maybe list some of the websites you can visit regarding geraniums?  Didn't we
list that information awhile ago?

The last GATW was printed in March, so I'm thinking I'll go through the e-mail
since then and review what we've been talking about and mention some of the

What do you think?


P.S.  Sorry to hear that the Little Primula decided to mulch itself.  Maybe it
was stress from being shipped?  If your cutting doesn't make it, let me know
and I'll pop another one into the mail.  I'm glad the rest are all doing well.


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