[IGS] seedling question

I am having a problem getting my seedlings to grow outside. Indoors under
the flourescents they grow like weeds in fact the ones I kept indoors since
germination are twice the size of the ones I put out in the shade. I was
wondering if anyone could suggest what I am doing wrong. The seedlings in
question are Ipomoea platensis (which show the most dramatic difference in
growth the ones outside still have only put out their first leaves while the
ones inside have a minimum of eight leaves, I brought some back in under the
lights and now they are growing better as well), Kedrostis africana,
Pachycormis discolor, Erodium trifolium, Pelargonium aridum. Out of fear of
killing them am I being too gentle I protect them and everything I grow from
our seering 5-6pm sun that my other plants have a problem surviving more
from roots being cooked than anything else and they get direct sun from
sunrise to about 12-1. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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