[IGS] Full ground (was: San Diego Show)

Cynthia S. Lohry wrote:
> For some reason,  I usually see species grown in pots.  Maybe because of their
> different soil requirements?  I have seen Gibbosum planted directly into the
> ground, and it became a veritable forest that was approximately 10' across and
> about 3-4' high.  Not a neat growing plant at all.  It sort of slouched up
> against a lath fence and slithered alongside the path.
> Where to see pellies planted directly in the ground ...

Allthough Holland is much colder and "in the ground" for some
Pelargonium species (do not mean the scenteds here who thrive in summer
- try some P.tomentosums along the border and your friends will be
amazed and pleasantly surprised by the smell) is considered a bit risky
with the rain and colder nights in summer I tried something this year
with two of my succulents:
I made a mice big "full ground part" to plant some smaller species out
and also told my two VERY succulent species, P. crassipes and
P.crassicaule to prepare for a shock - I planted them (with clay earth
around the roots stay on of course) out in full ground under glass in
the greenhouse AND THEY LOVE IT - think they will grow much larger now
in one summer than in the previous years... (perhaps the purists now
will tell me that I do not give them their "natural" habitat any more
but well...)
Mimy Sluiter

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