Re: [IGS] US Catalogs

Cynthia S. Lohry wrote:

> Joan,
> I'm afraid I botched your snail-mail address and your catalogs were back in my
> mailbox last week.  I sent them out again to the exact address on your return
> address label, so they're on their way again with extra frequent flyer miles
> to spend when they arrive.

Thanks Cindi,I was begining to think you'd sent them SAIL mail!  have been
watching out for them every day.
We're getting into some cool weather here, most of the autumn leaves have fallen.
I'm trying to get everything organized before my surgery (Friday 5th..spinal
fusion) as I'll be pretty useless for a while after. :-((((
Have hundreds of little plants on the go after throwing out most of my older
Pete will bring my mail into hospital, so I'll be able to keep an eye on what's
happening on the robin. That's when I wake up from the morphine haze!
Best wishes from


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