Re: [IGS] San Diego show


Thanks for the message. I hope that all the work you put into the Show
preparation turned out to raise some revenues. There was certainly plenty
to be seen and bought. On other matters you wrote:

"I was really impressed by the historical information you e-mailed out in
reference to the zonals.  What source did you come across?  I don't recall
that I've ever come across that type of information in my reading to date, and
I must have missed something good!"

The info just came out of an old book, first published in 1946. You
probably know it "The Joy of Geraniums" by Helen van Pelt Wilson. It has a
lot of historical info, not only about the species but also the different
types of zonals and ivy-leaved types, etc. It's probably old hat for many
in this group but I found a few nuggets in there. The older Zonal types
referred to may not even be in existence any more, which is a pity. I do
not have the reference list of the Geranium Soc yet so I don't know how
many are gone.

Your comments about pels and geraniums in the ground were excellent. Do you
prune them back each year like roses or do you prefer to let them bush up?
Your notes on P. gibbosum caused me a few laughs :

"I have seen Gibbosum planted directly into the
ground, and it became a veritable forest that was approximately 10' across and
about 3-4' high.'

This was the plant you encouraged me, at the Show, to try! Well, I am now
warned. It was lucky I planted it in very dry, poor sandy soil that will
slow it down quite a bit.

Talking about plants in the ground I was wondering why I never see in
Southern California walls covered with ivy-leaf types. In Ireland, at least
in the milder areas, these were used to great effect, in places climbing up
to the eaves of two storey houses. No reason the same can not be done here,
on eastern or northwestern house walls to avoid the greatest heat.

Thanks also for the list of sites for looking at pels. The Wild Animal Park
display sounds interesting. I'll contact you separately about that.

San Diego, California

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