Re: [IGS] geranium info needed

Zeki Yagli wrote:
> Hi all,
> Can somebody tell me where I can find information on G.Divaricatum and
> G.Rotundofolium? Many thanx in advance.
> Zeki Yagli
> Istanbul-Turkey

Hi Zekli,

You can find a lot of Geranium info in Peter Yeo's book Hardy Geraniums
- what I have in my records about the two plants you asked is:

G. rotundifolium (Lin. 1753) flower deeprose to lightlilac, white heart,
groop: Geranium/Sylvaticum/Rotundifolium, 40 cm, Europe, Asia,
North-Africa, annual, flowers from may to august

G. divaricatum (Ehrh. 1792) flower purplerose, not in Yeo's book, 30-60
cm, Middle Europe to Asia, anuual, flowers from June to September.

Bye from The Netherlands,
Mimy Sluiter

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