[IGS] P.peltatum

Hi all,

Yesterday was my 36th birthday so with the "plants-money" donated by my
parents and my mother in law we today drove to Theo Jeukens' specialised
fuchsia and pelargonium nursery in the far east of the Netherlands close
to the German border and bought some things to fill up the "empty spots"
in the garden. To my delight he had the nice simple green metal English
hanging baskets for sale so we bought four. There were wonderful LOOOONG
(almost a meter) P. peltatums for sale (yes, the delightful "real"
species with the leathery marked leafs with that special smell and
lovely lilac elongated flowers) so I just wanted to let you know I
finished off my first hanging basket ever - filled with four peltatums
(they were only dl 3,50 each - appr. US$2!!!) and hanged it on the five
angled pergola that covers our second terrace in the back of the garden!
Theo still has a nice stock but it sells out soon now so those of you
living in Holland or Germany interested should drop by quick now - the
nursery is at Teemkersweg 1, 7495 SM Ambt-Delden, phone:
Mimy Sluiter

ps - Peter: I bought close by at a hardy plant nursery two different
erodiums so now at least I have them around!!!! So once I manage to find
a Monsonia I will have all five geraniaceae-members over here...

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