Re: [IGS] Geranium p. 'Mrs. Kendall Clark'

Clyde Crockett wrote:

> Hi All!
> I bought this one for the blue flowers. It has never bloomed (in 3 years)
> It grows in partial shade. Does it need full sun? Are the flowers a "true
> blue?".
> Are there any geranium species or cultivars that have gentian blue flowers?
> Thanks for any info!!
> Also, in your experience do geraniums need to be watered frequently? And also
> on fertilizer---I use Miracid foliar---is that a mistake.
> Thanks,
> Clyde Crockett z5, clay soil, Indianapolis IN

Clyde,Not sure why the 'Mrs. Kendall Clark isn't blooming.   I'm in W. WA., mine
is blooming now, but I know our climates are much different.  The color is pale
blue (opal blue?) with white veins.  I am growing it in full sun, but full sun
here only happens in July/August :)    If it's large enough to divide (in the
ground three years, it should be large!), divy it up and put one in the sun and
see what happens.
There are several varieties with flowers heavily saturated with blue/purple.
Some also have red/violet at the base of the petals.  Very striking.  Some to
look for:  G. himalayense,  h. 'Gravetye',  G. x magnificum, G. ibericum, G.
platypetalum, G. pratense,
 G. 'Brookside' (blue with white center), G. clarkei 'Kashmir Purple'  (Bath &
Jones say is rampant, but I manage to kill every other year :(    )
I feed with Osmocote when I have it, and liquid 20-20-20 erratically.  Mostly I
top dress with compost.  You could try a 'Morebloom'  type drench/foliar feed to
see if that will help with the flowering.
Anyone else with some ideas?  I know I'm not the only hardy g. lover out there!

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