[IGS] questions


I'm new to the list, though not new to true geraniums and pelagoniums. I
have a couple of questions:

(1) I'm overwintering P's, nothing out of the ordinary though I do have
a few variegateds and 2 red rosebuds. Is this a good time to make
cuttings or should I wait closer to spring? I'd prefer to trim the
plants back now and root cuttings, but don't want to waste my time,
material and space if late winter is better. I have a light system.

(2) I had a few types of true G's before moving in July 1996. The plants
I moved didn't make it, although all the other perennials did. I'm
thinking of creating a rockery that would receive sun much of the day
and need info on small varieties that would do well in this situation.

Names of suppliers for G's and P's will be appreciated as well.

Thanks for your help, interest.

John G. Adney
Marion, Iowa (next to Cedar Rapids; on the zones 4-5 line)

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