[IGS] New Conservatory Plants Mailing List

New Conservatory Plants Mailing List
I  like to grow indoor/conservatory plants and I have started a mailing
list for them for my own hobby (I have no
commercial interest in plants other than spending half my wages on
them:-). I live in the UK but the list is open to all and already
includes members from the U.S., Sweden and GB.
The group discusses all aspects of growing conservatory and indoor
plants and keeping a conservatory.
If anybody would like to join you're welcome!
(this list is brand new - so please contribute your own topics :-).
To Subscribe send an email to:
          Address : majordomo@UserHome.com
          Body    : subscribe conservatory_plants

They will reply asking you to confirm - just hit 'reply' quoting the
original confirmation message and you're on.
Then your emails should be sent to conservatory_plants@UserHome.com
If you have problems contact me at the 'LIST ENQUIRIES' address below

LIST: conservatory_plants@UserHome.com
LIST ENQUIRIES: Eddie_PDL@eddiea.demon.co.uk

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