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Hi Kay,

From what I know about Arizona and from what you say, I would suggest
that you will have  to provide some shade for any pelargoniums (commonly
referred to as geraniums<G>) . They like it on the cool side (60 -75
daytime and 50 -65 F being the the ideal) and most burn up with the with
direct sunlight during the hotest part of the day. However, they
probably would like morning light in your region. They also have a
tendency to stop growth at temps over 90 F but with adequate filtering
they should still thrive in your area.
Scented Geraniums are really scented... some more than others. The scent
does very some with growing conditions but many have definite pleasant
fragrant leaves.  While on the whole, the blossoms are not what these
plants are grown for, there are some such as Clorinda , Roger's Delight
(a Regal with lemon scent) , Mrs, Taylor, Patron's Unique (apricot) ,
and those refered to as Angels (Lemon Crispum crossed with various
regals) have very showy blooms. Some of the aromas are somewhat
subjective and don't be surprised if you can't smell  a Peppermint
Pattie when you sqeeze a 'Chocolate Mint' leaf (the chocolate is a
referance to the dark brown zone in the center of the leaf).
A good basic BooK that you might want to get is "Scented Geraniums
Knowing, Growing,and Enjoying Scnted Pelargoniums" by Jim Becker and
Faye Brawner .

Hope this helps,

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> Subject: [IGS] Never Had a Geranium!
> I'm in the Phoenix area.   Is that Zone 13?   I'd like (at last) to do
> "container gardening" on my patio.   I plan to get several pots...
> Mexican style...and plant geraniums, geraniums, geraniums.
> I'd like to stay with the pink colors (don't have to though)...but
> really interested in the SCENTED geraniums.   Are they really scented?
>  Do they have nice flowers?  Will they grow well in my area?   They'll
get a
> lot of heat...and will get a little protection from the sun.
> Need LOTS of ideas and suggestions.
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> Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups, sez
> Kay ~ Tempe AZ

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