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Hi Terry,

I haven't had my Attar of Rose bloom yet but I will have to admit that I
haven't really encouraged it to bloom... I enjoy the foliage too much I
guess :-) .
I have close to 50 varieties of Scented now and I have discovered that
some such as Old Spice and many of the Nutmeg/Apple hybrids just love to
bloom with very little provocation (I understand that this is one reason
why apple and nutmeg were used so much in hybridizing). Coconut is
another one that just won't stop with the blooms and it actively reseeds
There seems to be 3 variables when it comes to getting these plants to
bloom: day length, air temperature, and the right plant food. I find
that some of my scenteds will sulk all summer then when fall arrives,
they decide they better bloom now (or forever hold their peace <G>) .
Others decide they want to bloom when I put them under lights and leave
the lights on for 24 hour days. And last but not least, since they are
heavy feeders, an active fertilzing with a high phosphorus plant food
will give the needed boost (Your certainly right with the magnesium also
) . I would expect that each plant has it's own amounts in either of
these 3 areas in order to bloom so if you want to experiment with your
Attar of Rose and Lemonrose (is this Rober's Lemon Rose?) you might try
giving them longer lighting period, alittle extra phosphorus and keeping
them in the 60-75 F range. (I have many of mine in an unheated, finished
attic where I have installed 4 fluorescent fixtures.)
Hope you get to see those bloom for you , (If you like Prince Ruppert,
you might really like it's variegated sport. It's one of my favorites.
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> Subject: Re: [IGS] more info
> My Prince Rupert, Old Spice, and Chocolate Mint scenteds bloomed a
very long
> time this summer.  The PR bloomed all summer and the OS is still
> although its been in the house for several weeks now.  While the
blooms are
> much smaller than than zonals I think they are just as pretty.  I've
> the advice of Faye Brawner I found in her book.  She says scenteds
> slightly acid soils and are heavy feeders of magnesium.  Every eigth
watering I
> use 1 teaspoon of epsom salts per gallon of water, water normally.  I
> slightly alkaline water so I also use an occasional dose of Miracid
> fertilizing instead of regular MiracleGro, mixed at less than full
> My geraniums also do well in full sun all summer but I too am in zone
4.  I
> would imagine that some midday shade would be needed in Phoenix.
> Has anyone ever gotten their Attar of Rose or Lemonrose scenteds to
bloom? I've
> had mine for 3 years now and neither have bloomed.

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