Re: [IGS] Never Had a Geranium!

Kay of Tempe AZ asked:

I'm really interested in the SCENTED geraniums.   Are they really scented?
 Do they have nice flowers?  Will they grow well in my area?   They'll get
a lot of heat...and will get a little protection from the sun.

Me too!!

The leaves are scented. Up here in Western New York State, they grow best
in the shade or at the least, in semi-shade. And I discovered that they
do well in containers, provided the containers are big enough. I put some
4" pots into the row of whatevers along the stone walk and they did not
grow very much. this area is shaded, the pots themselves were under the leaves
of the next plants. I'm ok with this arrangement, since they were probably
stock plants because:

CUTTINGS! from these scented geraniums were put into huge pots to put on
the stump, over there on that abandoned stool with the rotting leg that no one
should sit on, and up on the deck under the window.

The deeper the pot, the better the foliage growth. Constant shade, cooler
temperature under the tree did MUCH MUCH better -- for foliage growth

since I didn't need the blooms, they didn't get much stress.

I've lots and lots andlots that I brought inside which can stand cutting
back if you'd like some unnamed cuttings. Send a couple of dollars for
postage to"

Carolyn Schaffner
464 Crescent Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14214

by November 14 and I'll send cuttings in a bubble type mailer.

My choice, various scents & leaves.

Carolyn Schaffner in Buffalo, NY

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