Re: [IGS] questions


I have used cygon 2, s systemic, for scales. usually one dose does it. I get
scales on smooth-leaved houseplants, have never seen it on geraniums.

Cygon is used on iris in the garden for irisborer, very toxic, smells very
bad, but it works.

Naturally -- soap and water, scrub off with your hands, get into crevices,
wait a day, they're back! keep scrubbing, get the area which touches the
soil, not sure if they are in the soil, but they are at the juncture, fer sher.

They probably hatch in the area where the leaf and stem meet and migrate to the
other parts of the leaf.

Maybe a cotton swab would substitute for your thumb and forefinger, but
probably would not be as effective.

Warm, lots of dish detergent, pail, wash ENTIRE plant and pot.

but they'll be back!!

Carolyn Schaffner in Buffalo, NY

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