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Thanks for the great info Dale!  I'll try your suggestions.  I think my lemonrose
is either a Candy Dancer or Crowfoot going by the pictures in 'Scented
Geraniums...'.  When I bought it at a local nursery it was only marked
lemonrose.  The scent is a strong lemony rose, more lemon than rose but the
rose is definitly there.

So far my collection only consists of 8 varieties.  I'ld love more but I'll need
my sunroom or greenhouse built first so I can overwinter more. ;-)

On Thu, 6 Nov 1997 03:07:42 -0500, MR DALE R NEIL wrote:

>There seems to be 3 variables when it comes to getting these plants to
>bloom: day length, air temperature, and the right plant food. I find
>that some of my scenteds will sulk all summer then when fall arrives,
>they decide they better bloom now (or forever hold their peace <G>) .
>Others decide they want to bloom when I put them under lights and leave
>the lights on for 24 hour days. And last but not least, since they are
>heavy feeders, an active fertilzing with a high phosphorus plant food
>will give the needed boost (Your certainly right with the magnesium also
>) . I would expect that each plant has it's own amounts in either of
>these 3 areas in order to bloom so if you want to experiment with your
>Attar of Rose and Lemonrose (is this Rober's Lemon Rose?) you might try
>giving them longer lighting period, alittle extra phosphorus and keeping
>them in the 60-75 F range. (I have many of mine in an unheated, finished
>attic where I have installed 4 fluorescent fixtures.)
>Hope you get to see those bloom for you , (If you like Prince Ruppert,
>you might really like it's variegated sport. It's one of my favorites.

Terry King                  North Central Eastern Washington        USDA zone 4, Sunset Zone 1

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