Re: [IGS] True Geranium question

Hi Dale,

I think the complete name of your plant is G. cinereum var.subcaulescens
'Giuseppii' ( Guisseppii is a spelling mistake).
I live in Italy, in zone 8/9, and I have never had problems with
'Giuseppii' in winter, rather I feel it would prefer a cooler air in
summer. It likes sunny position, well drained soil and it might be hardy
even in zone 5.I have read it takes temperatures to -20 F in the appendix
added to the booklet 'My experience growing hardy geraniums' by Phoebe
Noble. Phoebe is an experienced plantswoman who lives in the Vancouver
Island and she ascribes the hardiness data to the research made by the
Rainforest Garden Nursery.
However, I don't like either to hazard my new plants!

I have a great interest in erodiums and I am growing some species from seed
( my source is the Geraniaceae Group in England). I am not familiar with
most of cultivars  and I'd like to know what kind of plant is 'Charm'.
Thanks in advance.

Best wishes,
Marisa Amadio

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