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Thanks Marisa,

I had a feeling that if I had misspelled that name, It would be the
Latin branch of our group that would dusciver the error :-) .Thanks for
all the information. I have it in location where it receives strong
afternoon light and it shows signs of stress by mid summer. I had two of
these plants so I moved the second to a location of filtered light and
it seems to have been relieved at being there. The one that was kept in
the sunny location has recovered now that it is fall and is blooming
again even though the temps have been dropping to slightly below
freezing for a few nights. It is predicted to drop to the high 20's F
for next week so that may make it hibernate. This is my "zone 7" bed so
I may be surprised even at that. I will give attention to protecting
these the best I can until I see how it survives. The Phoebe Noble book
sounds like one I should be getting ahold of. I've visited the
Rainforest Website in the past and was quite impressed with them. I
guess I will stop back and see if there is addition info to be found. I
thought that Rainforest was from G.B. but I do know that there are
websites I have visited from the Vancouver Area so maybe I have them
mixed up.

I am fairly new to the Erodium fan club <G>. I do like them alot and
hope to  find more. I got 'Charm' from Bluestone Perennials in Madison
Ohio (mail order), and I will have to admit that I don't notice any
distintive features of this hybrid. It can be confusing sometime with
all the different hybrids developing even as we write. Faye Brawner
wrote in the Summer '97 IGS journal about some frustration at ordering
some "new" cultivars and finding that many showed little if any
difference from other known varieties.. I can relate to that. 'Charm' is
a very small plant with siivery green foliage and small pink blooms
having dark veins. It appears not to a rapid spreader so far but does
form a rather thick mat. That's about all I can say about it.

Thanks again for your information on 'Giuseppii'. I will keep it a safe
place for reference.

Happy growing,
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> Subject: Re: [IGS] True Geranium question
> Hi Dale,
> I think the complete name of your plant is G. cinereum var.
> 'Giuseppii' ( Guisseppii is a spelling mistake).
> I live in Italy, in zone 8/9, and I have never had problems with
> 'Giuseppii' in winter, rather I feel it would prefer a cooler air in
> summer. It likes sunny position, well drained soil and it might be
> even in zone 5.I have read it takes temperatures to -20 F in the
> added to the booklet 'My experience growing hardy geraniums' by Phoebe
> Noble. Phoebe is an experienced plantswoman who lives in the Vancouver
> Island and she ascribes the hardiness data to the research made by the
> Rainforest Garden Nursery.
> However, I don't like either to hazard my new plants!
> I have a great interest in erodiums and I am growing some species from
seed (
> my source is the Geraniaceae Group in England). I am not familiar with
most of
> cultivars  and I'd like to know what kind of plant is 'Charm'. Thanks
> advance.
> Best wishes,
> Marisa Amadio

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