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Your welcome Terry,
Hopefullly you get some desired results.
I haven't run across a 'Candy Dancer' yet. From what I have read, it
sounds like a nice plant.  The picture in "Scented Geraniums" makes it
look similar to P. Graveolens and the growth pattern sounds compact. I
have Rober's which is called the Tomato Geranium because the leaf looks
remakably like a tomato leaf. I also have the Crow foot which has a
fairly deep cut leaf. They are all nice<BG> When you get that greenhouse
and want more, let me know <BG>. (I can sympathize about the space. Next
year I have determined to take cuttings of almost all except a few
chosen plants so they dont take up as much room when I winter them over.
Although there is an attraction to having a plant I can say is 10 years
old someday<G>. )
There are alot of problems out there with labling. Even if the nursery
is being conscientious, They sometime can't control the wandering
browser that will pick up a label to read it then place it in the wrong
pot. However, I know some seem to be somewhat lax about labling in
general. I supplied a plant to a local greenhouse as a specimen plant
for them to take cuttings. It is the cultivar 'Fruity' which according
to Loggees is a cross between 'Aroma' and 'Fringe Apple' . I was telling
the proprietor that I thought it smelled like Juicy Fruit gum. She
smelled it and thought a minute... then said " I think I will call it
'Fruit Juicy' " She must have noticed my expression change because she
said "As much as I hate to admit it ... cutsy sells. " ahhhhhhhhh......
So If you run accross a P. called Fruit Juicy someday, It's probably
going to be 'Fruity' ;-) .
Well I need to run
Take care and enjoy those Scented P.s

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> Thanks for the great info Dale!  I'll try your suggestions.  I think
> lemonrose is either a Candy Dancer or Crowfoot going by the pictures
> 'Scented Geraniums...'.  When I bought it at a local nursery it was
only marked
> lemonrose.  The scent is a strong lemony rose, more lemon than rose
but the
> rose is definitly there.
> So far my collection only consists of 8 varieties.  I'ld love more but
> need my sunroom or greenhouse built first so I can overwinter more. ;-

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