Re: [IGS] True Geranium question

Hi there Dale,
Your plant is probably G. cinereum var. subcaulescens 'Giuseppii', which
was named after the person who collected it, Dr Giuseppi.  It was collected
in the Korab mountains in what is now eastern Albania.  However, be
careful.  I was only reading yesterday that there are at least half a dozen
different plants going the rounds in UK nurseries under that name.  There
is some doubt which the 'true' plant really is.

G. cinereum subcaulescens is quite variable, although the overview would be
magenta flowers, with black centres.  To my mind the best cultivar is
'Splendens, which has the centre outlined in white, softening the colour

Just to add to the confusion, Dr Aedo has recently published a revision of
this part of the Geranium genus, that is Section Erodioidea.  As a result,
var. subcaulescens has been broken up into a number of separate species.
However, the horticultural trade has not caught up with that generally as
yet, I am glad to say.

Your plant should be perfectly hardy, as far as cold is concerned.  The
only risk is cold and wet combined.  That combination can kill off this
part of the genus.  I would suggest giving it plenty of light and air, with
well drained soil.

Best Regards,
David Victor

Saxifragaceae, Geraniaceae, Arisaema, Cape bulbs, Paeonia, Salvias, Irids
and anything else that is beautiful

Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, England, UK
Zone 7

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