Re: [IGS] geraniums and erodiums

It seems to be Robin Parer who wrote:

I have a small
nursery in California specializing in the genus geranium and also in
erodiums. Although I live in a mild part of California I mail order
plants around the country, and depend on my customers to keep me
informed on what does well where.


How can I acquire your catalogue?



 Erodium here in Buffalo, NY do not do well over the winter, at least in
my experience. I keep mine in pots, bury the pots, and try to remember to
dig the pots to bring inside over the winter, where they are none too
happy. Wish I knew which would do well over winter outside here.


My geranium do well in my iris bed, dry, sunny, not too rich, respond well
to alfalfa pellets.

Carolyn Schaffner in Buffalo, NY

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