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Hi Marisa,

You are doing a great job as in your role of the 'Latin Branch' <VBG>. I
do appreciate you letting me in on the addresses (cyberspace and snail
mail). I look forward to visiting the web sites you mentioned and will
let you know how I like it. The owner of the Erodium homepage just
posted here about the same time you did.
I really hope to get some erodiums that I can count on to winter over
here, I've brought a clump of one in for the winter. The one I left out
was suppose to be hardy for this area but from what Robin has been
saying, I gather i may not see it next spring. Time will tell, I guess.
I really liked the way it was starting to spread.
Well I better get some sleep.

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> Date: Monday, 10-Nov-97 10:17 PM
> From: Marisa                   \ Internet:    (
> To: \ Internet:
> (
> Subject: [IGS] R:      Re: [IGS] True Geranium question
> Hi Dale,
> Glad to have you in the erodium fan club! By the way, have you seen
the World
> Wide Erodium page yet ? The URL is
> If you are interested in the Phoebe Noble's book the publisher address
is Trio
> Investments Ltd, PO Box 20154, #4-9769 Fifth Street, Sidney, B.C., V8L
5C9. The
> booklet has no photos but it is a delightful reading indeed.
> In my capacity of 'Latin branch' :-)  I'd like to suggest a visit to a
> French  exposition of  pelargoniums at
> All the best,
> Marisa Amadio

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