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Hi Peter,
Your first message made it here just fine. Thanks for letting us know
about the erodium homepage. Marisa was just telling me about it. I will
have to visit it soon.

Your story about your P. camosum is fascinating. I have no answer for
you but hopefully someone will have an answer for you. I will have to
remember that when I have a subborn cutting that doesn't seem to want to
go anywhere as fast as I would like it to. I've had a few take awhile
but your experience with that sounds like it might be a record of some

Do let us all know about the Norwegian Erodium survival. I would really
like to have erodiums that I can count on to get through the winter
outside here in the Northern Mississippi river basin. I guess if they
can get them to winter over in Norway, I have hope<G>.

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> Subject: [IGS] [Fwd: new URL of World Wide Erodium homepage]
> Hi,
> This is a repost. I think the original mail went to the geraniaceae
galaxy and
> now it is lost.
> Peter

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