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Hi Robin,
Thank you so much for the response about the G. cinereum var
subcualescens 'Guiseppi' (boy , that is a mouthful to say isn't it?  as
well as a handful to write<G>) and the Erodium. It will be interesting
to see just what does survive this winter and what doesn't. My soil here
is fairly well drained and one  "Guiseppi'  is in a bright area and I
have another that I had moved into partial shade because it seemed to be
burning up during mid summer.I was considering mulching with evergreen
boughs. Do you think that light mulch protection is advisable?
Hmmmmm...... when I ordered 'Charm' from Bluestones out of Ohio, They
said in their catalog that it would need protection in the North but
they didn't class it as a tender as you have suggested but then I don't
really know what they meant by "protection' . I assumed they were saying
mulching. I have saved a pot of it and it seems happy so far in a south
window with a little kelp concentrate to start.
This is the first year I have tried Erodiums. I am attracted to the
genera. I bought a plant labeled Erodium chamaedryoides from a local
nursery and it was also labeled as hardy to zone 5. from what you say
though, I may have trouble with this species also. (It has a light pink
bloom and seems to spread quite fast. I will have to get back to you in
the spring as to how both these Erodiums fared through our zone 5 winter
. I have a # of nice microclimates in my yard but i don't think any will
qualify as zone 8. I haven't come across any of the ones you have
mentioned that are zone 5 hardy. I might be interested in obtaining some
of those species if you happen to know where I might find some ;-) .
Thanks again for sharing your expertise I look forward to communicating
with you again.

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> Subject: Re: [IGS] geraniums and erodiums
> Dear Dale:
> I read your comments about geraniums and erodiums.  I have a small
nursery in
> California specializing in the genus geranium and also in erodiums.
Although I
> live in a mild part of California I mail order plants around the
country, and
> depend on my customers to keep me informed on what does well where. I
> grown Geranium cinereum var. subcualescens 'Giuseppii' for many years.
 I have
> been told that it will survive in Zone 5, but I think its survival
depends on
> excellent drainage,  snow cover and location in a bright, light area
in the
> garden. Possibly a period of hardening off before the onset of winter
> help its survival, too.
> With regard to Erodium 'Charm', I have seen this plant offered by
> nurseries.  It is my belief that it is Erodium reichardii with a
"cutsey" name
> put on it by some enterprising nurseryperson so it can be more easily
> grow and sell an number of different selections of E. reichardii (its
old name
> was E. chamaedryoides).  There are two double-flowered forms of pale
pink and
> dark pink,  a larger single, E. reichardii 'Bishop's Form', a tiny
little form
> with smaller leaves and small white narrow-petalled flowers, and nice
> form E. reichardii 'Album' which has magenta veins on the flower
petals, and
> there are more! I understand that this species will not survive out of
> lower that Zone 8, and even then it is sometimes dicey.  How do you
grow it in
> the winter?
> I grow and sell about 300 hardy geraniums many of which are hardy in
Zone 5,
> but I have been told that the best erodiums for Zone 5 are the carrot-
> look-a-likes Erodium manescavi, E. carvifolium, E. castellanum etc.
Have you
> tried these?
> I am very interested in hearing of experiences of growing erodiums out
> in cold areas.  They are not widely grown plants and every bit of
> is so helpful.

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