Re: [IGS] number 5

Dear Peter:

I think that "Erodium spp. 'Charm' is actually just Erodium reichardii.
I have seen it offered in wholesale nurseries in California, and think
that 'Charm'is a marketing ploy.  I bought one and brought it back to my
nursery to compare it with my stock plants and could detect no
difference.  It is interesting that Le Jardin Ombrage apparently gives
its light preference as full sun to partial shade.  It is difficult in
this country to make blanket statements, because we have such a range of
climate zones.  If this was bought by someone in the Western United
States and put outside in full sun during the summer, it would fry. I
think it is really a shade plant except in the mildest climates.

From what my customers have told me,  it is only hardy in USDA Zone 8 or
in winter climates with minimum low temperatures in the mid twenties F.
or above.  However, if anyone else has grown it in colder or hotter
climates than USDA Zones 8-10, I would be interested to hear.

Thank you so much for your recommendation to look up the Collection
Nationale d'Erodium.  It's a great help.  I also think your Erodium page
is a terrific idea.  My nursery catalog is at


Robin (another one)

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